Our experience in the sublimation system began in 1996, and we’ve earned many patents for our developments. 
Over the years we have built many precision ovens and we have enabled our customers to industrialize and maximize their production with creative color and reliable systems. How? Simply by offering personalized services and with ALL-ITALIAN quality. Where you start makes a difference. The combination of Sublitec Technology and Perfect Products, LLC support and distribution will make the difference.


SubliFlex Films are the core of our development.

Designed to be printed on high-speed, high resolution printers, SubliFlex films produce exact, color reproductions on your manufactured parts. Our proprietary film and coating formula produces a consistent formation around your product. Our systems can include consulting, Film, Precision Ovens and expert support to keep you maximizing your production and quality.

We produce 2 versions of SubliFlex:

One version is Subliflex Rough to decorate products with deep concavity or complexity, to help the evacuation of air and gas. SubliFlex smooth for objects with lower complexity, which helps to keep a better print quality. 


  • Drying virtually instant
  • Perfect printing transfer (90%)
  • Extraordinary stretching to perfect the printing quality
  • Incredible evacuation of the gas in the critical phase transfer

Perfect Products stocks in the United States film rolls in 400mm, 450mm, 600mm, and sheets in A3, A4 sizes. Custom sizes are available by request.


Sublitec Manufacturers a wide range of Precision Ovens, Chases, and frames to hold your items and jigging or fixtures capable of exact item placement for spoil-free production. From Basic to high-speed precision oven systems, Sublitec and Perfect Products are the team to make your production consistent and trouble-free.